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2018/19 Leadership

2018/2019 Leadership
1 President Prof. Byung-Cheul SHIN, MD(DKM)
2 Honorary[emeritus] President Prof. Joon-Shik SHIN, MD(DKM)
3 Standing advisor Han-Gil YOO, MD(DKM)
4 Chief Vice-president Jong-Jin LEE, MD(DKM)
5 Vice-president & Chair of academic board Hang-Woo NAM, MD(DKM)
6 Vice-president & Chair of education board Ki-Yong JO, MD(DKM)
7 Vice-president Jong-Jin JO, MD(DKM)
8 Vice-president Yong-Ki KIM, MD(DKM)
9 Vice-president Young-Jae LEE, MD(DKM)
10 Vice-president Hoe-Cheon YANG, MD(DKM)
11 Director of general affairs Dae-Hee LEE, MD(DKM)
12 Director of finance Young-Jae LEE, MD(DKM)
13 Director of academic affairs[1] Prof. Yun-Kyung SONG, MD(DKM)
14 Director of academic affairs[2] Prof. Jung-Han LEE, MD(DKM)
15 Director of education Kyung-Song SONG, MD(DKM)
16 Chairperson of editorial board Prof. Eui-Hyung HWANG, MD(DKM)
17 Director of legislation Jong-Jin JO, MD(DKM)
18 Director of examination Dong-Cheol EUN, MD(DKM)
19 Director of insurance affairs Prof. Tae-Yong PARK, MD(DKM)
20 Director of medical affairs Prof. Yon-Seok KO, MD(DKM)
21 Director of public relations Ki-Byoung KIM, MD(DKM)
22 Director of international affairs Me-riong (Miriam) Kim, MD(DKM)
23 Director of special affairs[1] Ik-Soon SHIN, MD(DKM)
24 Director of special affairs[2] Jong-Shik KANG, MD(DKM)
25 Director of special affairs[3] Sung-Hoon, KI, MD(DKM)
26 Honorary Member of the KSCMM Executive Board and the Liaison Officer for International Cooperation. Sung Soo Chung, Associate director Institute of International Health, MSU COM
Presidents of Regional Societies of KSCMM
27 Seoul regional society Kyung-Song SONG, MD(DKM)
28 Gyeonggi/Incheon regional society Jae-Kyu LEE, MD(DKM)
29 Jaseng Hospital of KM (Seoul) Dong-hyun GO, MD(DKM)
30 Busan/Ulsan/Gyeong-nam regional society Ji-Seong, BEAK, MD(DKM)
31 Daegu/Gyeong-buk regional society Seung-woo LEE, MD(DKM)
32 Daejeon/Chungcheong regional society Tae-Hun YANG, MD(DKM)
33 Jeon-buk regional society Kyung-Su KIM, MD(DKM)
34 Gwangju/Jeon-nam regional society Jong-Ki PARK, MD(DKM)